Headshot - Zsolt Viczián

Zsolt Viczián

The MindSET Shift: Visualizing the Future of PKM with Obsidian-Excalidraw

Zsolt, a seasoned IT professional based in Hungary, is a dedicated YouTube creator with a passion for visual thinking and PKM. Driven by a longstanding vision for a visual PKM tool, Zsolt has developed two popular plugins for Obsidian.md:

Excalidraw and ExcaliBrain, with Excalidraw currently being the most downloaded plugin for Obsidian.

As the founder of the Visual PKM YouTube channel, Zsolt enjoys learning in public, sharing insights into visual thinking, and showcasing the effectiveness of Excalidraw and ExcaliBrain in his personal workflow. His commitment to sharing and learning visual thinking has led him to establish the Visual Thinking Workshop, a cohort-based course where he shares the art and techniques of visual thinking through the case study of creating a visual Book-on-a-Page summary.

Zsolt’s expertise extends to the realm of IT; he currently serves as the Head of Enterprise Architecture at a large regional multinational enterprise. With a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and a dedication to Agile methodologies, he brings over two decades of experience in problem-solving and cross-disciplinary knowledge. Zsolt holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and dual Master’s degrees in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering.

In his side hustle, Zsolt continues to revolutionize PKM with the 4D MindSET, envisioning a future where visual elements play a central role in navigating complex information. Join him on this journey to unlock your brain’s visual processing power and boost creativity through the Visual Thinking Workshop.

You can reach Zsolt on X, Mastodon, and on Discord on the Obsidian Members Group(OMG) and the Visual Thinking Workshop Servers.


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