Nicole van der Hoeven

The fastest, most rewarding way to learn is to do it in public

Nicole is a YouTuber and content creator and has made over 150 videos about PKM and learning. She’s made a beginner course about Obsidian called Obsidian for Everyone, has a newsletter called Thinking in Public, and is currently writing a book called Doing It in Public… which, of course, she’s writing in public. She thinks learning in public is the most authentic, rewarding, and efficient way to learn.

In her day job, she is a Senior Developer Advocate at Grafana Labs with over a decade of experience in performance engineering: the science of making software systems faster, more resilient, and more productive.

Nicole has lived in five countries, speaks several languages, plays tabletop roleplaying games three times a week, and dreams about open-sourcing all the things.


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