Marieke van Vliet

Fully human, empowered by technology

Marieke is Scientist, specializing in Ethical technology with a focus on Moral Design Strategy and the founder of the Brain Palace. Drawing from her background as an IT Business Analyst and her Ph.D. in Neuroscience, she integrates the realms of technology and human cognition.

The Brain Palace is the place where our notes and thoughts merge into wisdom and where we can effortlessly find the information we seek. It is the place where technology helps us create context for our knowledge and thoughts. Technology should adjust to who we are as human, not the other way around.

Marieke’s mission is clear: to guide individuals away from the overwhelming pace of the technological rat race and empower them to harness technology for their benefit. She believes that technology can contribute to the complex and rich experience that makes us human. As long as we use it with intention.


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