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Harold Jarche

Work is learning. Learning is the work.

Harold Jarche works with individuals, organizations, and public policy influencers to develop practical ways to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, and sensemaking. Harold helps his clients deal with an increasingly complex networked world.

A graduate of the Royal Military College, Harold served over 20 years with the Canadian Armed Forces in leadership and training roles. Harold began his career as an officer with Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. He completed his service as a Training Development Officer with the Royal Canadian Air Force where he conducted the analysis and design of training for aircrew and technicians on the newly purchased CH146 helicopter.

In 2003 Harold launched his independent consulting practice in Sackville, NB, Canada. He has served a wide variety of clients and has been a speaker at many venues worldwide. As work and learning become integrated in a networked society, Harold sees great opportunities to create new organizational models. We can do better than cubicle farms, cookie-cutter job descriptions, generic work competencies, and routine work. We need to make social networks and communities of practice essential components of all of our workplaces. Being able to understand emerging situations, see patterns, and co-solve problems are now essential business skills. As Harold says, work is learning & learning is the work.

Harold’s preferred workplace is on his bicycle, where he gets his best ideas.


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